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MKD-Custom 60%

MKD-Custom 60%

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We are pleased to present you the first MKD custom keyboard by Teleport.

As requested by you, it has become a 60% gasket mount. We are proud of the board - especially in terms of sound and feel - and hope you like it as much as we do. The flex can be varied by the different plate materials and the adjustable gasket mount with screws - there should be something for everyone. In addition to the standard additional weights in the back of the board back, we have further (small) brass additional weights integrated as carriers of the Gasket-Mount.

The following specs are available based on your answers and suggestions:

  • 60 % Board-DIY set in seamless design with visible additional weights (without switches and keycaps)
  • 6 % Typing Angle - Aluminum milled case with option for WKL and HHKB
  • Additional weights integrated into the case in brass or steel (polished)
  • Various colors: white, red, black, gray (anodized or ceracoated)
  • option for a steel or brass base plate (polished)
  • Gasket mount with brass weights as support (s. Exploded view)
  • Mounting plate in aluminum, polycarbonate or brass
  • Tailored to the chosen keyboard/PCB layout
  • Solderable Teleport PCB (black/gold) with Ansi, Iso, Tsangan, Arrows (Ansi and Iso) and HHKB support (QMK and VIA supported, Stepped Capslock, Split Backspace and Splitshift (right). also supported)
  • USB-C connector with Daughterboard for a horizontal cable output
  • Optional engraving of MKD logo and/or custom Discord tag

The standard DIY set contains at the price of 429 € (incl. Taxes) the following components:

  • Aluminum case (6° typing angle) and base plate anodized in black, gray or red
  • Case in standard - layout
  • Additional weights in brass or steel (polished)
  • Gasket mount with brass brackets
  • Teleport PCB (solderable) with support for Ansi, Iso, Arrows (Ansi and Iso), Tsangan, HHKB, WKL, Stepped Capslock, Splitshift re. (Layouts s. Images below)
  • Mounting plate in aluminum

This is a GROUP BUY!
The board will be produced in an edition of max. 50 pcs. In order for the GroupBuy to start, we need at least 25 orders (MoQ). If we reach the MoQ of 25 pcs by 04/24/21 at 8pm, the board will be shipped to you around the end of June 2021.

If the Group Buy does not materialize, we will of course refund your money!

The anodized colors may vary slightly due to the material nature of the aluminum. We make every effort to create as much uniformity as possible. The Cerakote colors are Stoplight Red and a white like Electrical Barrier or Snow White.

Unexpected circumstances, supplier quality issues or otherwise can torpedo the timeline somewhat, of course. We will keep you informed.

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