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The Teleport

Teleport Keycaps Modifier Set Black

Teleport Keycaps Modifier Set Black

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The Black on Black keycaps from the Teleport board manufacturer. 

With the Teleport Keycap Basis Set you can assign the German ISO DE (QWERTZ) as well as the German ANSI DE (QWERTZ) layout to your keyboard.

The Modifier Set for the Teleport Basic Keycap Set allows you to create additional layouts with our keycaps. Among others 60% with Arrows, 65%, 75% (e.g. GMMK Pro), Tsangan, HHKB, Split Backspace and Split Shift right.

The set in the usual high Teleport quality made of durable PBT convinces among other things with crisp Legends and exact colors.

Which keys are exactly included in the modifier set, you can see in the overview in the pictures.

Material: PBT

Profile: Cherry

Wall thickness: approx. 1.5 mm

Legends: Dye Sub

Color: Black on Black

We also offer colored accents keycaps for your board!

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